Medical Marijuana Jobs Created With Legalization

by jbmail on July 2, 2017

Medical marijuana job opportunities are increasing due to legalization of marijuana among the states.

With the legalization of medical marijuana, job opportunities related to the industry is growing at a rapid pace. As a result of legalization, the medical marijuana jobs are gaining social acceptance as well. Therefore, plenty of people are coming into the marijuana industry. Here is a list of some of the most prominent medicinal marijuana jobs, which have been created due to the expansion of the industry.
1. Plant growing jobs
Along with the legal acceptance, the demand for marijuana is increasing along with time. This has resulted in a higher demand for marijuana plant growing jobs as well. People who get into this job will be provided with the responsibility of cultivating different strains of marijuana plants. It’s more like becoming a chef for marijuana. This job opportunity is linked with a higher demand as well. As a result, people who get into plant growing jobs will be able to get an annual salary of about $100,000. In addition, they can be lucky enough to receive a percentage out of the profit.
2. Store managers
The job role of marijuana store managers is pretty much similar to the job role of retail store managers. The numbers of medical marijuana dispensaries are increasing along with the high demand available for them. Every dispensary is in need of a manager. As a result, this has become a highly demand job opportunity as well. A store manager will be able to earn an annual income of at least $75,000 per year.
3. Bud trimmers
This can be considered as an entry level job opportunity, when compared to other medical marijuana jobs. By becoming a bud trimmer, you will mainly have to work along with the plants. However, the salary paid for bud trimmers is relatively low when compared to the other job opportunities. But it is an excellent part time job opportunity. People who become bud trimmers will be able to earn about $15 per hour for their work.
4. Extraction technician
When it comes to medicinal marijuana jobs, most of the people only think about the jobs that are related to growing plants. However, a large number of jobs related to extraction also exist for the people to enroll. That’s mainly because some states only allow medical marijuana to be sold in extract form. In order to become an extraction technician, a person needs to be equipped with a unique set of skills. People who have experience will be able to end up with a higher salary by becoming an extraction technician.
5. A marijuana dispensary owner
If you have a considerable amount of money to be invested, you can think of becoming an owner of a marijuana dispensary. The industry is growing along with time and you are provided with an ideal environment to become a successful business owner. It is up to you to take the most out of opportunity that is available for you and earn a decent amount of money.

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