Medical Marijuana Jobs Created By Legal Marijuana

by jbmail on June 13, 2017

Medical Marijuana Jobs Created By Legal Marijuana

Medical marijuana is now legalized in most of the parts around United States. It has resulted in the growth of the medical marijuana industry. Due to the growth, a large number of job opportunities have also been created. The industry is growing at a rapid pace as well and we can expect it to create plenty of medical marijuana jobs in the future.

According to a recent study that was conducted by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, it has been identified that the legal marijuana market would give like to more than 250,000 job opportunities by 2020. This is a higher number when compared to the total number of jobs that are expected from utilities, manufacturing and even government jobs. In addition, the Bureau of Labor Statistics claims that the number of new job opportunities created by government departments and manufacturing plants would reduce in future. This fact clearly shows the growth of the medical marijuana industry.

According to the statistics of 2016, the net value of the legal cannabis market was $7.2 billion. At the end of 2017, we were able to see a significant growth of 17% in the industry. This growth would be carried forward until 2020 and we will be able to see the value of the industry reaching $11.2 billion by 2020. However, we will be able to witness better figures, if medical marijuana is legalized in few more states of America. In other words, these stats have only been calculated by analyzing the figures of 25 states, where marijuana is legally accepted.

When the industry is expanding, we can obviously see more medical marijuana jobs coming up. These job opportunities would ultimately benefit the economy of United States. The overall number of job opportunities that were created within 2017 shows a decline, when compared to previous years. However, the number of job opportunities created related to the legal marijuana industry is increasing at a rapid pace. As a result, we will be able to see a boost in medical marijuana jobs during the next 5 years. This will minimize the impact created on American economy by the decline of new job opportunities.

People who are engaged with medical marijuana jobs are being paid with an impressive salary as well. This would be another driving factor behind the increasing popularity of the job opportunities. At the moment, the legal marijuana industry of United States has got about 100,000+ employees. A large percentage of them are working for the plant touching companies. People who are employed in the medical marijuana industry are genuinely satisfied as well.

Even though plenty of job opportunities are available in the medical marijuana industry, you will need to be qualified enough to secure a job. That’s where you should think about obtaining at least a school diploma related to medical marijuana. There is an online marijuana college, which can assist you to obtain the required qualification. When you have this qualification, you will find it as an easy task to enter the medical marijuana industry.

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