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by jbmail on August 19, 2015

A lot of hydroponic investors are taking up indoor growing, but they often come across the issue of secrecy and privacy, and while buying a hydroponic grow kit the issues of economy, appearance, noise, light and odors need to be considered. While a majority of grow boxes are designed while keeping the issue of stealth in mind, the effectiveness varies from product to product.


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Ripe weed has a very pungent and distinct smell, which can easily be detected. One way to combat this is the use of activated carbon filters, as inexpensive gels are only slightly helpful. The activated carbon granules trap the odorous molecules, and guarantee an odorless, safe environment. Movement of light can also give away your little secret of indoor gardening, so it is also essential to ensure that light does not escape the cabinet, or the room, or the tent etc. Good grow boxes are often light tight, and have system to keep the marijuana grow lights locked inside. Along with light, heat also escapes, and while you can get away if your set up is relatively small, but it can often create issues of exposure. Mylar can sometimes be used to reflect both the heat and the light back inside the growing box, and also for effective cleaning to prevent mold. LED growth lights are often preferred over HID growth lights, for the sole reason of projecting lesser heat. Noise is also a cause for concern, as the hums and water trickling sounds or the rotation of fans will attract attention. Lastly, your grow box should not be out in the open, get a camouflaging kit or one that does not stand out too much.
Another very important aspect is to take care of the changes in economy. While this might not seem like a very big problem, but drastic fluctuations in electricity bills will definitely be questionable. This is an easier base to cover, and it also deals with all the aforementioned problems; getting a heat kit, or carbon filters, or LED lights, it covers it all. It all lies in how much you invest in your grow kit which will also lead to economizing the maintenance costs and also dealing with the issue of stealth.
When you choose a grow box, also consider how much weed you need because that will determine the size of grow box that you build or buy. Also, smaller, one compartment grow boxes might mean that you will have to wait for around four to five months between harvests, leading to buying more. A dual chamber system will ensure a steady and continuous supply of herbs. Any interesting hobby calls for passion, excitement and enthusiasm which will lead you to wanting to do more and better for your crop, leading to frequent updates and additions.

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