How To Grow Hydro Marijuana

by jbmail on July 2, 2017

How Medical Marijuana Users Are Growing At Home To Save Money
Medical marijuana helps alleviate pain for some people and can easily be cultivated in a closed space at home to cut down on costs. There are rules to growing marijuana at home and it can be sold legally to anyone holding a medical marijuana card.
Conditions For Growth
Medical marijuana needs to grow in the presence of light to be able to flower. This will help produce the chemical tetrahydrocannabinol. Marijuana best grows in a controlled environment where light does not inadvertently get in when the plant is asleep so to speak. If you have no basement and are looking to grow this plant, there are grow boxes and systems which provide the optimum conditions for growth in any environment.
Growing Methods
The first step to growing medical marijuana involves getting seeds and then you can select a growing method depending on the seeds obtained. Using normal dirt to grow the plant is more economical and standard fertilizers can be used making this a cost effective method. Other options for growing include the use of rock wool which is almost as cheap as using soil. Hydroponics also produce bigger yields of marijuana and is a much cleaner method than using soil but this can cost a pretty penny.
Lighting Methods
Other than natural sunlight which is quite difficult to control, you can opt to use different lighting methods which you can control. Fluorescent lights, for example, can be used for propagation, early vegetative growth, and over-wintering. High-Intensity Discharge lights are efficient for indoor growth. Some of these discharge lights have UV rays that can keep off pests and mold. Plasma lighting can be a bit heavy on your pocket but LED is another ideal option that helps in steering the marijuana plant to flower and fruit.
Grandma’s Secret Garden
When looking to start growing marijuana at home, you will need to visit
to obtain the ideal facilities to help with the process. The Grandma’s Secret Garden, for example, comes in handy and can grow up to 9 plants when using hydroponics. This convenient grow box can fit in anywhere and is ideal even for beginners who have no previous training. It uses LED lighting which has been tested for quality purposes and with this grow box comes with unlimited support via phone and email. The grow box comes in fully assembled thus reducing any work and has enough room for growth.
Oasis Grow Tent System
This system comes with free shipping and has plenty of room for large plants. The pricing is very pocket-friendly making the home growing process quite affordable and has a 3-year warranty which means you are well covered. It uses LED lighting to ensure the growth is high-quality, a light timer which allows you to control the hours of exposure and even comes with a carrying case which makes movement and storage quite easy.
Looking to be a home grower of medical marijuana? Visit to make growing great again.

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